It's been a full 24 hours since the game and all Giants fans can think about it is starting out the season with a crummy 0-3 record. It’s not pleasant. We’re not used to this. We have been privileged to see two recent Super Bowl championships in recent years. What’s going on with the Giants franchise? This writer is going to refrain from making anymore predictions because ultimately, we don’t know what week 4 is going to bring us.

Where do we begin… the first half was just atrocious on all levels. Eli was sacked seven times and he was also hit an additional 10. That sentence alone just made me visualize and relive yesterday’s horrible game. The O-line wasn’t and hasn’t been doing their job for the past 3 weeks. No offense to the Panthers, but O-line made the Panthers actually look good with the number of times they reached Eli. We must give a bit of credit to Cam Newton because his offense ran for nearly 200 yards and he threw 3 touchdown passes. Newton also finished with an impressive 45 rushing yards. In comparison to last year’s game versus the Panthers, we can also see how much Newton has matured in his position as a quarterback.

What can be said about the second half? Absolutely nothing because again, everything just fell apart. The players were strategically well put but they just can’t figure out how to play like a team now. On a side note, firing people doesn’t solve the problem. In other words, Tom Coughlin isn't the problem. Besides, he has a contract through 2014.

Most football enthusiasts stood around and watched the Jets game that followed the Giants game. Almost instantly, you can tell the difference between the both. There was more hustle out of the Jets offense in the first quarter than what the Giants did the whole day. The Jets had more yards gained in total penalties than the Giants gained all game. Their running game was also a whole lot better than Big Blue’s. Sooner or later, our local TV networks will have to apologize for airing these games like the stations in Florida apologized for airing the Jaguars games.

Thankfully I watched the game in the comfort of my home because if I had been in a bar, I would’ve thrown a chicken wing at the TV & exited quietly out of the bar. Just like my tan lines, my hopes for a playoff berth for the Giants are slowly disappearing. It would take a miracle and for the rest of the NFC to lose the next three games in order for us to be “contenders.” But then again, the Giants will also have to win the next three games. The Redskins are used to this and by this, I mean also having a pretty bad record. No offense to the franchise or the fans, but the Redskins are back to being irrelevant. However, the Giants aren’t used to these starts.

What to expect next week when they play versus Andy Reid’s 3-0 Chiefs? Stay tuned because I don’t even know at this point.