Mets fans, much like Knicks fans, start the season out in the most hopeful of ways. Team pride is at an all time high; Thoughts of a pursuing a championship is stirring in the back of their heads but very much alive. Maybe it’s an orange and blue team kind of thing. But for realistic fans, being positive is tough considering the owners and the management that are in charge. That’s still not a reason to not be excited about a new season. The 2014 Mets are looking like a promising team in the mess that is the NL East.

The only teams that the Mets are competing against are the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves, although is seems like the Braves and Nationals are going to battle each other to be in first place. The strong dynasty that once was the Philadelphia Phillies is crumbling down with its players aging one by one. In my eyes, the Marlins aren’t contenders. They’ll be lucky if they don’t lose 100 games this season.

The Mets season is already under way as they play in the home opener against the Nationals. There are so many new faces on the Mets that it may take a few games to get used to them all.

The two notable off season trades the Mets made was for outfield Curtis Granderson and for pitcher Bartolo Colon. Chris Young was also signed to a year deal. By adding Granderson to that lineup, he’ll be adding the power that was much needed. By signing Colon, many people had a comment to say because he was linked to steroids. He is an experienced pitcher that may be able to lead the young pitchers in the pitching rotation.

Pick a pitcher, any pitcher. The Mets have an array of pitchers to choose from this season. The pitching rotation has improved but it will truly miss Matt Harvey’s presence. Harvey is still recovering from off season surgery. Expect Zach Wheeler to produce some good numbers this year. As long as Dillion Gee stays under an ERA of 4.00, this will be a good season for the Metropolitans.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of new faces in the lineup. But missing from today’s lineup is Chris Young because he has the flu and Daniel Murphy is also missing because his wife is in labor. Having Granderson hitting the clean up spot is good because he’ll be able to produce numbers as he did when he was hitting in the Yankees clean up spot. Catcher Travis d’Arnaud has been more successful behind the plate so far and did well in spring training. Maybe the Mets may win 90 games this season? One can only hope.

The only issue the Mets have is Terry Collins. His mismanagement cost them Matt Harvey because he didn’t take him out early enough in games. The clubhouse needs someone like Willie Randolph again. Don’t be surprised if he isn’t with the team after this season.

Don’t go to Citifield this year just for Shake Shack! You know who you are. Enjoy the Mets play as they are hoping to change things around out in Queens.