It’s been 2 days since the Giants and Cowboys game and the result is still the same; the Cowboys won. There’s no need to check the standings because we definitely know what the NFC East looks like.

I don’t know what was worse; seeing the Giants lose that type of way or knowing that Brian Griffin from Family Guy was killed off. Safe to say it’s a tie because both are equally depressing.

There’s still some football left to be played. Do you believe in magic? No, I believe in football and if football has taught me anything, it’s that there is no coming back from this. But then again, was Sunday night’s game, Broncos versus Patriots a miracle or is Tom Brady that good? Yes, yes he is that good.

A game so vital to the Giant’s survival this season and they weren’t able to close it out with virtually several chances to do so. Once again, there is something that isn’t clicking with the Giants offense because in the first half, the end zone was a mirage for the Big Blue. On a positive note, it was good to see Brandon Jacobs and Brandon Myers wake up and make key plays to keep the Giants in the game.

The Cowboys were able to snap the 4 game winning streak the Giants riding on for the past month. Dallas was able to successfully move up in the stands and now tied up for first place with the Eagles.

Dallas’ offense had everything working in their favor for them. Dez Bryant was basically making every catch except one that almost made him cry because he missed it. Tony Romo was sacked, in Romo fashion, just a couple of times but for the most part, he was well protected. This was also Miles Austin’s first game back and he made a couple of good catches in the second half.

Things might’ve been different had the Giants used their last timeout earlier instead of the closing seconds of the second quarter. The clock should’ve been stopped at 25 seconds instead of 4 seconds. Moving up the field to get within field goal range would’ve been ideal. It would’ve made a difference in the score instead of starting the second half 21-6, especially since they had the ball in the second half.

As December is lurking upon us, it is evident that there are 5 games on the schedule left to play. This Sunday, they face the Redskins, who are coming off a bad loss from last night’s Monday Night Football to the 49ers. Thankfully, there isn’t too much to worry when it comes to the Redskins. They’ve dug themselves into a hole all on their own. You can tell Mike Shanahan’s disappointment during last night’s post game conference after they lost to the 49ers.

Once can only dream of the Cowboys losing to the Raiders on Thanksgiving and the Eagles losing to the Cardinals this weekend. As you can see, there are possibilities. Now if the Giants can just cooperate and win the next few games too.