In our brand new "Ask The Fans" section, The HITS Radio Show crew took to Twitter to ask some NBA fans their predictions for this years' Eastern, Western Conference and NBA Finals. 

Here are just a few predictions we received over the weekend on our @hitsradioshow feed and @cruzr83 feed:


Pacers/Heat, Spurs/Thunder.. Spurs/Pacers in the Finals. Pacers win the title. Adam Silver cries at the thought of this.


Knicks vs Nets. Lakers vs Thunder, Knicks vs Thunder in the Finals


nets vs Miami. Warriors vs grizzlies. Nets vs warriors in Finals


Heat/Pacers rematch Clippers/Thunder..Heat/Clippers in Finals...heat in 7


pacers vs Miami / spurs vs okc .. Finals : Pacers vs spurs


Bulls vs Heat & Clippers vs Rockets...Heat vs Clippers...Heat 3peat


bulls vs heat, clippers vs spurs. Heat vs Spurs Again


Heat vs Bulls; Warriors vs Spurs --- Heat vs Warriors; 3-Peat


Knicks/Heat | Rockets/Thunder Finals: Knicks/Rockets CHAMPS: KNICKS!!!!!


Brooklyn vs. Miami/ Houston vs. Oklahoma city finals: Brooklyn vs. Houston