"Battle of the Boroughs: Round 2" By: Kyle Caso @3_pointz

November 26 was the battle of the boroughs in NYC. 

Brooklyn Nets team captan scored 16 points and dished out 16 assists while NYC born Carmelo Anthony recorded 35 points in 50 minutes of playing time. Former New Jersey Nets all time great Jason Kidd sat out with back spasms on the Knicks bench as the Nets came out on top 89-96.

No one would have thought Jason Kidd would have came back with the vengeance the way he did.

It was Tuesday night in the Barclays Center. The Nets came out of the gates aggressive and attacking the basket. At one point the Nets were up 23-7. But Carmelo's 45 points was enough to get them to a tied ball game with 24 seconds left in the game.

A 39 year old Jason Kidd took the court. May i remind you this man used to be called Ason "no J" Kidd and parked him self behind the arc. Jason was 38 year old Jerry Stackhouse's assignment. Jerry Stackhouse went to go man the paint with Andray Blatche giving up position to Tyson Chandler. Raymond Felton who had the ball at the other side of the court gave a strong pass over to Kidd who rose up and as Jerry went to contest the shot, Kidd kicked his leg out and drew the foul for a 4 point play.

Kidd would end up missing the free throw and with no time outs left, it was up to the Nets with a full 24 seconds to draw up there on play on the fly.

Unfourtantley, the Nets could not get a good shot off and threw up two highly contested shots and lost the game.

With Chapter 2 down in the new rivalry were all tied up at 1 a piece as they meet up for Round 3 next week at Madison Square Garden.