By Randy Cruz: (@cruzr83)

For decades, many NBA players have gone by a single name, "Air", "Magic", "Penny", "Iceman", "Pistol", "Doctor", "Vinsanity", "Mailman", "Reignman" and "Superman".

Some NBA players have gone by two names, "Larry Legend",  "King James", "Black Mamba", The Glide", "The Answer", "The Matrix", "The Glove", "The Dream" and "The Truth".

There's nicknames with three words in it, "The Big Fundamental" and "The Big Ticket".

There's nicknames with four words in it, "Houdini of the Hardwood", "Round Mound of Rebound" and "The Human Highlight Reel".

And there's the occasional nicknames with numbers in it, "AK-47" and "Agent 0".

Although there is no wrong answer, but whenever the question "What's the best nickname for an NBA player" arises, people definitely have to take a considerable amount of time to come up with an answer.

The problem is this: They're too many great nicknames to choose from. Many different nicknames from each era to decipher which is the best. Some are creative, some are very very creative. Some are a household name. Some are legendary. Some are a world wide phenomenon.

Which are your favorite NBA nicknames of all-time?