Brooklyn-Boston: The Next Eastern Conference Rivalry? 

By Randy Cruz @cruzr83


It's been a while since the days of the old school NBA rivalries. The Lakers-Celtics controlled the 80's, the Bulls had multiple rivalries with the Pistons and the Knicks in early-mid 90's, while the Pacers and Heat had a longstanding rivalry with the Knicks in the mid-late 90's. 

The last great rivalry, according to my knowledge, was the rivalry between the L.A. Lakers and the Sacramento Kings, who've battled it out continuously in the regular season as well as the playoffs, including their amazing seven game series in the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

We currently have a Miami-Boston rivalry going on, meeting in three consecutive playoff series (Miami 2, Boston 1) and adding to it was Ray Allen choosing to bolt the Celtics in favor of the Heat this past offseason.

But the question is this: Is Brooklyn-Boston the next rivalry to brew up in the Eastern Conference?

They haven't met in the playoffs all that much (10 games) in which the Nets have an 8-2 record against Boston, last meeting in the 2003 First Round Series where the Nets swept the Celtics in four games.

These two teams have met plenty of times during the regular season throughout their history (170 games) and the Celtics have dominated the regular season series with the Nets (112-58).

With the re-branding of the franchise, new attitude and bringing a "new day in the Atlantic Division" approach, it seems that the Brooklyn Nets are bound to get under players skin. The Celtics have dominated the Atlantic Division since 2008 and with the way the Nets and Knicks have been playing this season, it seems that there could be a changing of the guard within it. 

Brooklyn and Boston met on November 15 at Barclays Center where the Nets won 102-97.

They met again last night in Boston and Brooklyn won again, 95-83, but most people were talking about the brawl that occured between Rajon Rondo, Kris Humphries, Kevin Garnett and Gerald Wallace. Three of those players were ejected from the game soon after that incident.

The Nets now lead the season series 2-0, and they'll meet again on Christmas Day athe Barclays Center.

It should be a great gift for the NBA, Brooklyn and Boston fans that quite possibly the next and newest Eastern Conference rivalry is unfolding before our very eyes.