"Brooklyn Nets month of November"

By: Kyle Caso @3_Pointz

On November 1st Brooklyn was going to experience the biggest sports event since the Dodgers final game in 1957. It was going to be the battle of the boroughs. Manhattan vs Brooklyn. Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks were going to battle it out in the new arena. October 31st the game was Postponed and moved to the 26th of November due to the destruction of Hurricane sandy. So on November 3rd the Raptors came to visit and play the first game major sporting event in brooklyn in 55 years.

Over the course of the month the Brooklyn Nets have done pretty darn well especially since only 5 players from last year are returning to play so that means the other 10 players on the roster have never really played with each other. In the 2010-11 season the Miami Heat made it obvious that you can't just throw a bunch of great players together and expect everything to become easy. They started there season off 9-6 and closer to the 8 seed then the first seed. Brooklyn is tied for the first as of now with the Heat and there cross town rival's the Knicks.

Brooklyn has started off 10-4 and has played amazingly despite the lack of performance from a really banged up Deron Williams, an inconsistent Joe Johnson, a Kris Humphries  who averages are down 5 points and 3 rebounds and a Gerald Wallace who can't seem to get it together offensively. 

Whats really keeping this team alive is Brook Lopez's near 20 Ppg. and the defensive intensity Avery Johnson is forcing his team to play. The Nets are last in opponents points per game with only 90.7. Also the Nets are averaging 4.4 Blocks a game which is 7th in the league and also anchored by the new and improved defensive Brook Lopez who is averaging 2.5 Blocks a game.

The Nets bench is also contributing. C.J Watson scored 15 in the opener against the Raptors and 13 in two other games. Andray Blatche is the benches leading scorer with nearly 10 Ppg. his shot selection has been amazing, last year with the Wizards he was a player know for taking stupid shots that were out of his range.  The first meeting with Boston this year blatche shot 11-12 with 22 points and didn't miss a shot till the end of the 3rd quarter.Since that performance his FG% has dropped closer to 40%. You can't forget about Jerry Stackhouse who is playing like he's 28. Jerry is shooting .536 behind the arc which is 3rd in the league.There's also Reggie "Big Dog" Evans who leads the team in Total Offensive and Deffensive Rebounds, along with Rebounds per game, and the biggest number is that he leads the entire league in rebounds per 48 minuets with 21.1, His partner in crime Kris Humphries is 8th on that list with 16.5.

Along with all the Goods there are plenty of thing the Nets need to work on. When D-Will comes out of the game, they have very little flow to there offense. Brooklyn is 18th in Ppg, 17th in FG%  and 23rd in field goals made this season. Also MarShon Brooks has gathered up 3 straight DNP's which was Avery's decision.he also missed a few games due to a ankle sprain. MarShon was projected second behind Jamal Crawford to win 6th man of the year but due to MarShon defensive challenges coach Johnson inserted Jerry Stackhouse to take the role of the backup SG.

Overall November has been a huge success for the Nets. Despite a few tough losses to the Timberwolves,Heat and Lakers the Nets pulled out some big victories including going 2-0 against Boston, One involving a brawl that got Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace ejected and might have started a whole new rivalry with another powerhouse franchise.Hopefully the Nets can keep it up and Deron Williams and Brook Lopez get healthy quickly cause there gona need them if there going to succeed.