Coach of the month fired? By:Kyle CAso @3_Pointz

Avery Johnson was fired as Nets head coach Thursday afternoon, and later that day the team announced, and P.J. Carlesimo will take over as interim coach.

Avery Johnson won coach of the month in november and posted the second best win pct. in the east but when the calendar turned to december the Nets season took a turn for the worst. the nets posted a 3-10 record so far in december. Every team has there highs and lows but many people including LeBron James of the Miami Heat feel that this is ridiculous. LeBron tweeted "Avery got fired? He was just coach of the month wasn't he? That's like a player get Player of the Month then gets traded the next month #NBA"

P.J Carlesimo is now the the Nets head coach until he Nets find someone else. Rumors have it that the Nets had talked to Phil Jackson but phil Jacksons agent claims that Phil is not interested in taking the job at this moment. There is Stan Van Gundy bwho wouldn't be bad fit for the Nets. You also have John Calipari who has ties with Nets executives. Some other names are Brian Shaw and Nate McMillian.