By: Erika Fernandez (@curlsandsports

I woke up this morning and suddenly felt resilient and great. Not only am I happy because its Tuesday, almost Wednesday, I’m also happy because the Giants finally won a game last night. It was a sloppy first half and even a sloppy second to a certain extent but we have to thank the Vikings for putting in Josh Freeman way too prematurely, especially since he just started with the team last week.

It was a beautiful evening for football. Even recently retired Yankees’ closer, Mariano Rivera, came out last night to show support. This makes one wonder if the Giants should have Mariano Rivera present for the remainder games of the season, sort of like a good luck charm.

No one knows what’s going on with the Giants this season and that’s a fact. Although they won last night’s game, their chemistry is way off. Manning kept overthrowing certain passes and Hakeem Nicks kept missing the key ones. Victor Cruz seemed to be the only one making contact with the ball.

Josh Freeman was also missing key throws. He may throw the ball hard but the accuracy of his receivers catching those was worse than Manning’s overthrowing. Maybe he wasn’t the solution to the quarterback injury in Minnesota. Adrian Peterson was also limited and you can see the frustration he expressed last night because the Giants defense was actually doing its job.

Eli Manning’s footwork was great yesterday. He avoided the sacks for the most part except when Jared Allen grabbed his jersey till he brought him down.

The Giants play the Eagles next week and usually it would be an easy win. This isn’t exactly the case considering the way the Giants have been playing all season. Not to mention they lost their previous meeting this year. However, this doesn’t mean the Eagles are necessarily good. Note how they played versus the Cowboys this past week. Sunday’s game will be a good one between these two NFC East rivals. I’m going to make a bold prediction and say the Giants will win it.