Everyone was praising the Jets last week. This week it’s back to criticizing rookie quarterback Geno Smith and everything Jets related. The Jets offensive line wasn’t exactly up to par yesterday and virtually could’ve beaten the not-so-great defensive line from the Steelers. The Steelers haven’t been playing how they’ve been expected to play all season.

Yesterday was a game meant for the Jets to capitalize on and perhaps be ahead of the Dolphins on the standings, right under the vintage looking Patriots. Both teams were playing hide and seek with the end zone in the first half because none of them could manage to get there.

Geno threw two interceptions yesterday afternoon. In addition to those turnovers, he was sacked three times. Those interceptions could’ve been a key to win this game. That red-zone interception really cost them a touchdown. They lost the game but they also are hoping they didn’t lose bigger. Three players left the field yesterday before the game was over. Even this mini summary is terrible to read, if you're a Jets fan of course. 

Field goals ruled the scoring on behalf of the Jets and Steelers for the first half. Nick Folk must be making his fantasy owners happy with those points. With a field goal, the Steelers also took the lead at the end of first half. Things change during the third quarter. On third and 1, Ben Roethlisberger threw a 55-yard touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders. The Steelers were up 16-6 with only 12:30 to go in the third. The third quarter was extremely sloppy for the Jets. Although it was sloppy, an interesting stat to keep in mind is the fact that Geno Smith hadn’t thrown an interception in nine quarters. In the fourth, the Jets just gave up but didn’t allow the Steelers to reach the end zone and that’s why they had to settle for another field goal.

The disappointment was felt during the interviews. But at the same time, it’s still too early in the season to say that it’s too late for the Jets. We’re almost at the mid-way point of the season so there's still time left.

The Jets play the Patriots next weekend and in this situation, it’s a must win for them. This won’t be an easy one to win though. The only way that Gang Green can win is by capitalizing on errors that the Patriots’ offensive line probably won’t make and that Tom Brady makes errors that he usually doesn’t. A veteran quarter back versus a rookie quarter back; in other words, next Sunday’s game is going to be a great one to see.