Last November a Freshman QB named Johnny would take the field against the top ranked defense and team in the nation. Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide have won two of the last three national championships. The game was to be played at Bryant Deny Stadium and although everybody knew it was a big game but know body knew that a eighteen year old freshman would change his life forever. Before that game his name was Johnny, mainly because the announcers didn't know weather his last name was pronounced as Manzael or Manzel, But at the end of that game when Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M beat the number one team in the nation little Johnny would start a road to the Hiesman and a whole new life.

    Round 2 of Manziel vs. Bama would start off with a Johnny Football touchdown pass to Cameron Clear and then a Ben Malena rushing touchdown to give Texas A&M a 0-14 lead.

    Alabama would answer right away and with a authority. The Crimson Tide would unleash a offensive bombing with 28 straight unanswered points off three touchdown passes from A.j McCarron to Kevin Norwood, Deandrew White, and Kenny Bell. Then to end the first half T.J Yeldon would score a touchdown of his own.

    Down by two touchdowns Johnny Manziel would take the field and throw a bullet pass that would be bobbled by the receiver and right into the hands of Vinnie Sunseri who would return it for a seventy three yard pic six. Now down three touchdown with the score being 35-14 in Alambama's favor.

    Now a determined Johnny football would come back with a short memory as Ben Malena would will Texas A&M to the red zone and then Johnny would finish it off with a touch down to Malcome Kennedy.

    Alabama would fire back with a touchdown of there own courtesy of Kenya Drake with a four yard touchdown run which would end up being the last score of the half. With Johnny Manziel faced with a twenty one point deficit and no help from the defense things weren't looking to good.

    Texas A&M would start off with the ball and Johnny Football wasn't fooling around, he would lead his team 80 yards for a touchdown pass in only four plays in 1:40 game time.

    Now this is where the game could have been ended. T.J Yeldon who ended up running a muck for 149 rushing yards on the game, would fumble in the end zone only a few yard shy of a topdown which would have deleted Texas A&M's previous touchdown.

    With Texas A&M having new life Manziel would be backed up at the 5 yard line on third down. Nearly taking a safety Manziel would escape pressure and throw the second longest pass in school history for 95 yards to M.Evans. Johnny got Texas A&M with in a touchdown but just as it had all game long the defense would let Johnny Football down once again by giving up another touchdown to A.J McCarron giving Bama a 49-35 lead. Johnny would fire back with a Touchdown of his own getting the score with in one touchdown "49-42" but with only 27 second left an onside kick would be unsuccessful and Bama would hold on to the win.

    Johnny "Football" Manziel would finish the game with a school record 464 passing yards and and extra 98 rushing yards to complement his 5 total touchdowns. Although Johnny Manziel lit up the best defense in college football like a christmas tree it wasn't enough to get passed Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Who knows maybe well see a rematch in the SEC championship game.