By: Randy Cruz (@cruzr83)

In a stunning move to majority of Knicks fans, Steve Kerr, who was the top coaching candidate on the Knicks' radar for the past month, has chosen the Golden State Warriors head coaching job earlier today.

As news broke on TNT by David Aldridge during Game 5 between the Nets and Heat, it was pretty much stunning to learn he'd taken the Warriors job just 24 hours removed from Golden State making a last minute pitch to Kerr in Oklahoma City as Kerr was calling Game 5 of the Clippers-Thunder series.

Kerr accepted a five-year, $25 million offer to become the next Warriors coach, who recently fired Mark Jackson after his seven game first round exit to the Clippers.

For quite some time, it appeared the Knicks were in the running for Kerr's services and with Kerr's former coach, Phil Jackson as President of Basketball Operations of the Knicks, it seemed to be a virtual lock.

But time went on, and on, and on and eventually, it seemed that Kerr was mulling over his options, and maybe right there wasn't a good sign for the Knicks and their fan base.

Golden State's other top candidate, Stan Van Gundy, accepted a deal with the Detroit Pistons to be their new coach and be in control of basketball operations for the club. 

But when it came down to it, the roster of the Warriors deemed to be far more superior than of the Knicks, who's headlined by All-Star Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, former All-Star David Lee, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes.

Kerr, being a California native for quite some time, has to now take over a 51-win team in a very competitive Western Conference and live up to the recent expectations of being a true contender in the West. 

The big question now is where do the Knicks go from here? They still have to find a new head coach and figure out whether Carmelo Anthony is staying with the team or leaving.

It was rarely reported of who were other options for the Knicks if Steve Kerr didn't pan out.

Kerr was the obvious initial Plan A for the Knicks -- we just have to wait and see what's Plan B.