"Kobe Bryant 30,000 Points" 

By: Kyle Caso @3_pointz

Kobe Bryant is going to go down as one of the greatest players of all time. 5 rings,2 NBA finals MVP's, 4 All star game MVP's, 13 time NBA all star, and 2 NBA titles would have been enough but Kobe just recently scored his 30,000th career point and only being 34 years of age and has not even shown a smiget of slowing down he might have 4 solid years left and possibly a 5th.

Only 4 other players have scored 30,000+ points in there career. 

Does Kobe have a chance at 38,387?

When you think about it Kobe has a legit chance of become the NBA's all time leading scorer he is approximately 8,300 pts away and has showed no signs at slowing down. In the last 7 years Kobe has scored 2,000+ pts in 5 of those seasons and one of them was a shortened season in which he would have easily scored 2,000 that year as well.

To put it in perspective all Kobe needs to do is score 1,660 points per season in the next 5 years to become the all time scoring champion.