By:Kyle Caso

With week one of college football in the books we no have a little more to work with, ranking our top 5 Heisman contenders. Week one saw a QB break a legends passing yards record in just his first career start, we saw Todd Gurley break a school record for all purpose yards, and we saw a pair of struggling Heisman candidates Jameis Winston and Brett Hundley. 

Before I get to my updated list let me be clear "I am not dramatic" Brett Hundley struggled and had a pretty bad game against Virginia. However this list is constructed with players who I feel are most likely to win it all, not who is hot on a week to week basis. For example, Kenny Hill of Texas A&M and Evertt Golson of Notre Dame have both outplayed a player like Brett Hundley but you can't tell me that they will be in New York city at the end of the season waiting for their names to be called and join the prestigious club of Heisman award winners.


1.Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota remains the favorite to win the award because he did exactly what he had todo this week against South Dakota...Dominate! Mariota lead Oregon to a 13-62 victory over South Dakota while carrying his tea with four total TDs and 267 Passing yard before leaving the game in the second half. Mariota's real test lie's in week two against a top notch Michigan State defense. If Mariota passes this test with flying colors he could be number one for weeks to come.


2.Todd Gurley

Last week reining Heisman winner Jameis Winston held the number two spot on this list, well 198 rushing yards and 4 total TDs will raise some eyebrows and move you up on the Heisman watch. Todd Gurley and the 12 Georgie Bulldogs stomped 16 Clemson 21-45 which gives Gurley a quality win under his belt and with a week three game at 8 South Carolina Gurley will have another chance to put up number against a quality team.Next time you see this list Gurley could very well be number 1.


3.Jameis Winston

Although 24-39 and 2 INT don't look or sound all that great Winston still managed to throw for 367 yards and rack up 2 TDs one of which was a Heisman like rushing touchdown to give Florida State some breathing room in a thriller vs. Oklahoma State. Winston made have looked rattled and inconstant but in the end he lead his team to victory.


4.Brett Hundley

Brett Hundley managed this past game vs. Virginia terribly!  The Offense scored one TD in the 3rd Q which was a rushing TD from Brett Hundley himself, however its unacceptable to only score 7 points with your offense against a Virginia defense that is Mediocre to say the least.I would take Hundley of this list but I can't say that their are five players more likely to win the Heisman then him after just one week and I won't put one hit wonder Kenny Hill any higher then five so Hundley stays at four by default. Brett will be on a very short leash newt week when he plays unranked Memphis.


5. Kenny Hill

Kenny Hill has been chosen as Johhny Football's successor, these are some pretty big shoe's to fill considering Johnny was the biggest thing college football has seen in decades, not to mention he won a Heisman himself. Kenny went 44-60 with a school record "formerly held by Johhny Manziel" 511 passing yards against a Steve Spurrier defense. Only three other teams have scored 52 or more points against a Steve Spurrier team and all three of which won the national championship, with that being said there's a college football playoff so hey... you never know.