By:Kyle Caso


The Heisman trophy predictions are here at last! Despite Johnny Football leaving college after just two seasons of dazzling us with highlight plays and Heisman candidate Braxton Miller suffering a shoulder injury that will keep him sidelined till next season this year has no shortage of talent. Players like Jameis Winston,Marcus Mariota, Brett Hundley and many more will surely make this a great and entertaining season to watch.


1.Marcus Mariota 

Will have good numbers,Good team with a chance to make College Football Playoff, Not much pressure, Great offense to work with. Without any games being played yet Mariota is the preseason favorite to win the Heisman. 

Mariota will also play 8 Michigan State week 2. You may ask "how does this improve his chances of winnings the Heisman? Michigan State is arguably one of the best defense's in College Football." Well... If Mariota impress's voters week 2 he will jump into the drivers seat early with mismatches in is favor against teams like Wyoming,Washington state, and Arizona in the coming weeks to build on his lead.


2.Jameis Winston

Famous Jameis is the defending Heisman trophy winner from last year, not to mention he lead Florida State to an undefeated season, oh and he won the National Championship last year all as a Freshman! 

There is no doubt in my mind that Jameis Winston will be the best or second best "Todd Gurley" player in college football. There is no doubt in my mind that Florida State will make the College Football Playoff. There is no doubt in my mind Jameis will put up some monster statistics, but remember what happened to our beloved Johnny Football last year.

Johnny Manziel played better his second season and finished fifth in the Heisman voting behind players such as Andre Williams and Jordan Lynch. Honestly Jameis being second on this list before any games have been played is quit generous. Jameis will be a victim of the voters unreasonable expectations.


3.Todd Gurley 

You can make a case that Todd Gurley should be the favorite but the Heisman Trophy is a QB dominated award that has been given to eight QB's in the last nine years. Todd Gurley missed all of October with an ankle injury and still managed to rush for nearly 1,000 yards, not to mention the QB Aaron Murray was one of the greatest the SEC has ever seen. If Todd Gurley stays healthy this year he will have the best chance to snag the trophy from this QB dominated list. Todd Gurley is also playing with an unproven Hutson Mason at QB which means more rushes now that theres no more Aaron Murray.


4.Brett Hundley 

I would have loved to put Hundley higher on this list, actually when I did a rough draft I had him second to none other then Marcus Mariota who he will meet later in the season and maybe again in the PAC-12 Championship. Although Brett Hundley has all the tools to be a great player and be an early pick next Spring that doesn't always translate to Heisman trophies. Also there is always that player who everyone is excited to watch and see how he does, you hear about him on ESPN all the time, He's on everyones radar for the Heisman but then he falls of the face of the earth such as John David Booty and Jacory Harris.

Brett Hundley Isn't consistent enough to put up big numbers game to game which usually leads to a loss or two on your teams record which UCLA can not afford if they want their QB to win the Heisman. Hundley isn't very exciting to watch either,He'll slow the pace of the game down, he'll throw the ball away, he doesn't make those crazy exciting plays that RGIII, Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel all made to win their own Heisman Trophies.


5.Bryce Petty

Although Systematic QB's aren't exactly favorite to win Bryce Petty Is the last of the competing QB's and the only other player that jumps out is Alabama RB T.J Yeldon who has Derrick Henry to take snaps away from him. Bryce Petty will put up number on a team with an outside shot to make the college FB playoff.