By: Randy Cruz (@cruzr83)

The Empire Strikes Back? The New World Order? No. It's the Los Angeles Lakers embarking on a new uniform era: The Hollywood Nights.

Known mainly for their purple and gold colors, mixed in with a little bit of white over the last few years, the Lakers are now going black with their uniform scheme.

It was teased last month and now, it's officially here.

The black "Hollywood Nights" uniforms seem pretty cool, something fresh for the franchise that outside of getting a new arena in 2000 (Staples Center), hasn't changed much.

For the long time fans, the purists, the aficionados' of Lakers apparel and all of LakersNation, the purple and gold will be seen on the uniforms no matter what. That's not going to change.

From the Lakers press release:

"The organization has consistently heard from fans that a black uniform was desired, and have been working to make that a reality for years. The Lakers have a long history and philosophy of listening to fans, and as a public trust are in the business of serving fan interest, from colors of uniforms up to the ultimate goal of winning championships. The purple and gold uniforms will forever be the staple for the Lakers, with the black ones adding what the Lakers hope to be a cool alternative.​"

I'm sure LakersNation is just hoping that these uniforms can lead them into the playoffs in an already loaded and competitive Western Conference. 

Watch as introduces the new "Hollywood Nights" uniforms: