By:Kyle Caso


~It was 1887 was the first time Michigan and Notre Damn steeped onto the gridiron to face off in what was most likely just another game of the season. Little did they know that it would be the begin of one of the most historic rivalries in collage football history. This historic match up as featured players such as Raghib Ismael,Desmond Howard Reggie Brooks,Denard Robinson,Tom Brady and many others. Michigan currently is winning the match up 23-16-1.

    Notre Damn has decided to end the rivalry till the 2017 season as they will be switching conferences to the ACC.This being the final match up between the two schools everybody knew it would be big. This game would set a record fro attendce with over 115,000 fans in the stands.

    Notre Dame would start off with the ball but couldnt do anything with it going three and out. However Michigan would be lead down the field by Devin Gardner going 3/4 with two first downs. With the score 0-3 Michigan's Defense turned up and forced another three and out making QB Tommy Reese rattled.Michigan 's Jeremy Gallon caught a pass which was supposed to barely a first down and turned it into a 61 yard touchdown pass for Devin Gardner.

    Notre Dame would eventually wake up and QB Tommy Reese would go 5/7 with a TD pass to T.J Jones "His favorite target" and in there next offensive possession which started in the first quarter but ended in the second with a field goal to tie the game at 10 a piece.

    Devin Gardner would respond by escaping pressure in a 3rd down play and keep the drive going and later scoreing himself with a rushing TD.After that ND and Michigan would each hit a field goal.

    After Michigan's Field Goal Tommy Reese of ND would be picked off by Blake Countess and then Devin Gardner would capitalize by throwing his second TD to Jeremy Gallon.

    The start of the second half would go in favor of Notre Dame. Michigan would start the half with the ball but would have to settle with punting. Notre Dame would score a TD with a great pass by Tommy Reese to N.Troy. Then the table would turn on back to back plays Gardner would find J.Gallon for a combined 63 yards and a TD. Notre Dame would respond with forcing D,Gardner into his own endzone and forcing him to toss up the ball wildly and up for grabs. The ball would be picked off by Stephon Tuitt.

    Latter in the 4th Quarter ND would get a field goal and get the game within 4 points with the score being 30-34 in favor of Michigan.Michigan would respond with F.Toussantt with a 22 yard run and a 26 year reception to get them in the red zone. Gardner would find Dileo for the touch down giving them a 30-41 lead with under 4:00 to go. Eventually Tommy Reese would throw another TD in the End Zone to Blake Countess "His second of the game" and Michigan would run the clock out for a well deserved victory.

    No one really knows when we will see these two teams face off again but when they do you can bet it will be a huge game with fire,intensity and heart!