By:Kyle Caso


 This series between Miami and Brooklyn was one that had been anticipated to be a thriller even before the two teams were officially set to play each other. Everyone knew the Heat were going to beat the Bobcats and many felt the Nets would take the Raptors series easily

    The first two game would be sweeps in favor of Miami. The only story lines in the first two games were Deron Williams pulling a classic Roy Hibbert 0 points performance and Mirza Teletovic breaking the Nets franchise record for threes in a playoff game which was tied between Kidd,Van Horn and Williams.

    Game three was a must win for the Nets. No team has ever come back from  3-0 deficit in the playoffs.

    With the series coming to Brooklyn the next two games the Nets are in a good situation in which they can even the series 2-2. The Game would start back and fourth thanks to Joe Johnson starting off hot at the three point line going 3-3 from behind the arch in the first to help the Nets keep up with Lebron's 18 points to start off the game. The Nets didn't start to pull away till the third in which Mirza Teletovic ignited them with his 4/7 shooting performance from there point land.

    Alan Anderson and Ray Allen got tangled up with a little under 10 min left. Although I'm sure Kevin Garnett was happy about Alan's below to Ray Ray but Kidd wasn't. The story of the Nets last playoff series vs the raptors were 4th Q comebacks and that was a perfect igniter for a passionate come back. ultimately the Nets held on and saved there season with a 90-104 victory.