By:Kyle Caso


The Brooklyn Nets held their 2013 media day yesterday September 30th. Player's went thru interviews talking about everything from expectations to recovery to nickname jerseys.

    One of the the topics spoken about by the players were the depth of the roster. With such staked players coming of the bench "Many of which would be starters on other teams". "Were one of the deepest in the league" Shaun Livingston said. Tyshawn Taylor chimed in saying "We're so deep and have so many weapons, it just depends on who gets going." Brooklyn is one of very few teams who's bench consist of full time starters at some point in there career at every position.

    Next up Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett would take the table and talk about their futures and expectations. Paul Pierce who played 14 seasons for the Boston Celtics was perceived as not really being comfortable but Pierce would go on to assure us that he's comfortable and ready to work upon the team goal of winning a ring.

    Kevin Garnett after taking team photos would indulge in some championship talk saying "I'm here because of my desire to play. And I'm here to win another ring." 

    Joe Johnson would some up what the team is all about this year in saying "I think we're all at a point in out careers where wanting to be the number one option is behind us and we're all a lot older and later in our careers to the point where statistically guys will check their egos at the door"

    Deron Williams would speak out about game 7 last year for the first time since that dreadful night last postseason. "I think that we were kinda soft.Thats the only way to put it.I don't see that being a problem this year." Williams would also added the fact that KG Paul and Jason Terry would really help the teams mentality saying "KG,Paul and Jason are three guys who have won championships. Just seeing their mentality, that'll be good for this group"

    And last but certainly not least would be the goof ball Brook Lopez. Many "including me" believe that Brook Lopez will most benefit from the trade. "When you look at Jet,KG,Truth,Coach Kidd- you can go down the list man theres so many guys i can learn from."

    Nets media day was very productive in that it shows that everybody is on the same page as far as expectations, and key players such as Brook Lopez,Deron Williams and Jason Terry have all assured that they will be 100% for day one of the season.