By:Kyle Caso


Kanas City Chief vs. Indianapolis Colts

This first round playoff game between the Chiefs and Colts would be a rematch from a week 16 beat down that the Colts would ultimately take and use as a momentum builder going forward to the playoffs. Jamaal Charles aka "Public enemy #1 according to Indianapolis Coach Chuck  Pagano" had 106 yards on just 13 carries with a touchdown not to mention 5 receptions.

In Interviews leading up to this matchup many Colts coaches and some players brought up the fact that Jamaal Charles was the games X fractor.

Jamaal Charles "The X-fractor" would end up getting hurt on the fourth play of the game.And then Donnie Avery and then Brandon Flowers and then Knile Davis. The Chiefs would end up taking a lead as large 31-10 at half time.

The Colts lead by the arial attack of Andrew Luck would get back in the game and get the score to 41-31 in the fourth quarter. there was 4:20 left in the game and the score was 44-38, Colts had the ball. T.Y Hilton who was having a monster game went deep. Luck felt some pressure in the pocket and let it loose down field for a TD pass over 60 yards. This put the Colts up by one and the defense would stop the chiefs from scoring and Luck would just let time run out as the Colts went on to victory.


New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles 

The Saints went into this game major underdogs. Drew Brees has never won a postseason game in the postseason with his 5-0 record. The game started out back and forth with a scoreless first quarter and then 2 field goals with a Eagles touchdown in between to cap off the first half.

The third Quarter would prove to be the pulling away point for the Siants were they would score two touchdowns courtesy of Lance Moore and Mark Ingram. With the score 20-7 Desean Jackson would get them up the field with a big gain which would lead to a 1 yard touchdown ran in by Lesean McCoy.

The fourth Q would start off with a Saints field goal. making the score 23-17. Then the Eagles would fire back and take the lead with a touchdown from a Nick Foles to Zach Ertz connection. The Eagles took the lead 24-23. Darren Sporles would get the saints in to eagles territory and the rest of the saints offense would get them to field goal range and seal the deal and take the game 26-24.


Cincinnati Bengals vs. San Diego Chargers 

Phillip Rivers lead the Chargers to a 27-10 victory over the Bengals. Phillip Rivers only passed the ball 16 times compared to Andy "Tony Romo" Dalton who threw the ball 51 times. Chargers used a run first offense with Danny Woodhead and Ryan Matthews combining for 28 rushes combining for 106 yards and not to mention the rushing leader Ronnie Brown who had the least amount of carries among the back who rushed for 77 yards on just 8 carries.

Andy Dalton although threw for 334 yards but he did throw 2 interceptions that costed the Bengals the game. 


San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

So the (8-7-1) Green Bay Packers were the home team for this wild card game against the (12-4-0) San Francisco 49ers. Well the Green Bay Packers won the NFC North while the 49ers were stuck behind the Seahawks in the NFC West.

Anyway the 49ers would strike first with a pair Phil Dawson field goal's. Aaron Rodgers would fire back with a Touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson making the score 6-7 only to be answered by a Frank Gore touchdown only to be re answered again my Mason Crosby making the 23-20 going into the second half.The third quarter would end up being a 0-0 tie.

The fourth Q would be kicked go with a 1 yard touchdown by J.Kuhn of the Packers. Once again the 49ers would answer back with a 28 yard touchdown pass from Collin Kaepernick to Vernon Davis.Eventually the game would be decided by a Phil Dawson field goal which would lead to a 23-20 49ers win.