It’s almost time to interrupt commuters on the MTA’s 4 and D line services. I know you can already smell the garlic fries that Yankee Stadium is famous for. Grab your pinstripes and get ready for the 2014 season, you Yankee faithful you.

The Yankees have demonstrated that the cliché, “Change is good,” works for them this season by all the additions they have made. From the outfield to the infield to the pitching rotation, expect to see changes that are, hopefully, going to be beneficial for the Yankees.

I wouldn’t get too optimistic, Yankee fans. A World Series run is always on the ball club’s mind. Now, the team just needs to get through the rest of the AL East, which shouldn’t be terribly hard considering that their main worry is Boston.

As a Mets fan, I am devastated to see the man I once believed in and vouched for, broke my heart in the 2006’s NLCS, is now playing for the cross town team. Yes, I agree; I should get over it and move on. Perhaps I can one day but as for right now, the Yankees signing Carlos Beltran was a great move. They needed Beltran in their lineup and in the outfield. Another upgrade for the Yankees was signing ex Red Sox, Jacobi Ellsbury. He was badly needed in center field. This is only the second team for the 2 time World Series champ outfielder. Coming off a fresh World Series win, maybe he can bring some of that good luck the Red Sox had to the clubhouse. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I would write.

Behind home plate is now Brian McCann. I personally am a huge fan of this pick up. An experienced catcher was needed to protect home plate. Sure he may have allowed a few too many stolen bases in his past but he has proved that he deserves this spot in the Yankees. Some other notable infield pick ups include Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts and Tampa Bay Rays infielder Kelly Johnson. He was intended on being placed at third base but he’ll probably switch to first at times to give Mark Teixeira a break.

Will Robinson Cano be missed? It’s unclear still but if these players remain healthy, he’ll be old news. Now the bigger question is, will Cano miss the Yankees? Still early too early to tell. 

Joe Girardi’s pitching rotation looks very superb. The rotation goes as follows: CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, Ivan Nova, Masahiro Tanaka, and Michael Pineda. This is a solid lineup that’s sure to deliver. In recent news, CC Sabathia blamed his weight loss on a poor 2013 season. He says he’s ready because now he is in control of ball and feels stronger than ever. Yankee fans are eager to see Tanaka take the mound and see him pitch the same way he played in Japan. However, it is tricky since he’s never pitched in the majors. It’ll be interesting to see what ERA he finishes with by the end of the season.

The position at short stop is about to vacant by the end of the season since Derek Jeter announced his retirement. This came as no surprise to most fans since Jeter signed a one year extension, hence his retirement. Sure he’ll be missed and the last of the core four is going to leave the Bronx. Get ready for those farewell games, baseball fans. Much like Mariano Rivera, this is another player you can’t help but love. A new era is soon to come for the shortstop position in the Bronx. Mariano Rivera also left another void in the closer position. Count your lucky stars that Joba Chamberlain isn’t the closer. For now, David Robertson, is the designated closer but not for long.

Can the 2014 Yankees make it the playoffs at least? Now with that I do agree. Make it to the World Series? Stay tuned.