By:Kyle Caso


    Peyton Manning built up a franchise just 15 years ago, leading the Colts to 11 playoff runs and making a NFL laughing stock into a super bowl winning team in a better of time.In 2010

    Peyton Manning and the Broncos would strike first with a TD pass to Eric Decker. But Andrew Luck wouldn't be kept silent very long leading the Colts down the field for a field goal that would make the score 7-3 with under five minuets left in the first. After the field goal attempt Trindon Holliday would fumble the kick return which would lead to a Andrew Luck TD pass to Darius Heyward-bey making the score 7-10 with the colts owning the lead after one.

    The Bronco's would start the second quarter with the ball and 3rd and .The Bronco's had faced this same situation twice before in the first quarter and ran the ball which would end up failing so this time Peyton would throw for the first down. Later that drive Julius Thomas would run a slant route and be on the receiving end on a Manning TD. Colts and Broncos would exchange punts until Manning would be sacked fumbled for a safety by the mighty Robert Mathis to make the score14-12 and a free kick which of course Andrew Luck and the Colts would capitalize on with a Luck to Stanley Havili touch down connection and the Colts weren't done. Luck would lead the Colts down field and cap the first half with a 8 years touchdown pass to Coby Fleener. 

    The Colts would strike first in the second half and increase there 14-26 lead by 7 with an Andrew Luck TD run and Adam Vinatieri extra point.Matt Prater would fire back with a field goal of his own. At the end of the third quarter the score would be 17-33.

     Just like the third quarter the Colts would go down the field and get a FG to make the lead 17-36, but Peyton would come back with vengeance and orchestrate two touchdown drives making the score 31-36.After another Colts Field goal the score would be 31-39 with 5:57 left in the game. Manning would get the Bronco's down the field for another FG but ultimately the Broncos would fall short.

    Andrew Luck would throw for 228 yards and 4 total touchdowns. While Peyton threw for 386 yards and 3 touchdowns and an Interception. Knowson Moreno was the games leading the rusher with 40 yards along with Eric Decker's 150 receiving yards to make him the leading receiver.