What do the Giants, Browns, Redskins, Steelers, Panthers have in common? All five are 0-2 to begin this football season. But out of the four, we aren’t surprised about the Browns, no offense to the Browns or their fans. Meanwhile down in Miami, the Dolphins are 2-0 for the first time since 2004. These silly statistics don’t rule football but they’re interesting fun facts to lookup.

Giants versus Broncos: not what we quite expected. It was an eventful Monday in sports and it’s good to know that people got off the subject over the sloppy Sunday afternoon game versus the Broncos, till week 3’s game at least.

It was a slow starter to Sunday’s game but the Giant’s performance is what left a memory on viewers. My prediction didn’t go exactly as planned, as far as the score is concerned, however, the Broncos’ defense did get Eli to pick off a few times. Eli may have one more Super Bowl ring but Peyton proved on Sunday that he dominates on the field more than him. The final score of the game was the most surprising of it all. The first half was a quiet; both defenses were putting in work and no quarterback was sacked.

The sloppiness then started in the second half. It’s as if Eli just lost touch of the football and placed in the Broncos’ defense. They took these opportunities and ran with it, pun intended, hence the score. Was watching ABC’s critically acclaimed Scandal worth it instead of watching the last bit of the 4th quarter? Sure was.

The Giants fall to 0-2 and as many critics have said, when they start out the season like this, they end up making it to the Super Bowl. These statistics I prefer to stay away from because losing shouldn’t lead to winning. We can’t hold on to one statistic and expect a Super Bowl in 2014. Ironically enough, the entire NFC East lost on Sunday. Sloppy football isn’t accepted on Tom Coughlin’s Giants. We see how angry he gets on the field and we can only imagine how Coughlin spoke to his team in the locker room.

If you were to quickly glance at the Giants schedule, you can at least say that it’s not a tough schedule at all. But at this rate, what can we expect from week 3 versus the Panthers? Hopefully not seeing Eli throwing the ball directly in the hands of the defense in the end zone. Till they play again, Peyton showed that it doesn’t matter how many rings you have in a family that breeds quarterbacks. An 0-2 team versus another 0-2 team, my prediction, the Giants will come out on top versus the Panthers and win it by 24-17. Let’s just hope no channel change this time around.