By:Kyle Caso


This upcoming NBA season is one of the most anticipated we’ve had in years. This will be the season of Return’s as Derrick Rose will make his return back from injury 2.0, Kobe will be back in action in L.A for which many believe will be his last solid season of his CAREER  and the NBA’s king Lebron James is taking his talents to back to his hometown of Akron Ohio. With such a speacial NBA season coming upon us the MVP discussion throughout the year should be a blast. Here are my own preseason rankings of some of the top competitors to win the prestigious Maurice Podoloff trophy.

1.Lebron James

Lebron James is this years favorite to win the MVP “just like any other season” simply because he’s the best basketball player on planet earth. Lebron taking his talents to Cleveland also helps his chances seeing as that the Cav’s finished 10th in the eastern conference with a 33-49 record, this helps Lebron because they will have a jump in seeding and in their record like no other team in the league this upcoming season. Lebron James as you may know has also recruited all star Kevin Love to join him in Cleveland but Love has failed to make the playoffs in his six year NBA career, so you’d have to imagine that the spike in seeding and record will have to be credited to Lebron James.

2.Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is the real MVP… Literally, he won the award last year leading his team to the 2nd seed in a tough western conference without his best supporting play Russell Westrbook for 36 games. Kevin Durant also is a high statistics type player he averaged 32.0 PPG last season giving him his 4th scoring title. Durant also put up 7.4 RPG which was a little low for him, you can expect him to go back up closer to his peak at 8.0 RPG considering he’s turning 26 which is the time players begin to start their prime years of their career. Durant’s passing game has IMPROVED on average half an assist per year throughout his seven year career and nearly an entire assist each year for the past three NBA season’s.Durant’s defense goes under the radar as well as he averages a steal and a block per game.

3.Derrick Rose

What Derrick Rose will we see this season? Will we see 2010-11 MVP Derrick Rose? Will we see 2013-14 Derrick Rose who averaged just 15.9PPG and 4.3 APG? No, It is highly unlikely we see the same explosive Derrick Rose we saw in his MVP season three years ago and it is just as unlikely well see him fall on his face and only score 15PPG. We will Likely see something in the middle such as 22PPG and six or seven assist per game. This may get you on the all star team but in MVP talks? In Derrick’s case if he can put these number up and lead the Bulls to the number one seed in the east “I repeat and put emphasis on number one seed” he will likely be considered the most valuable player to his own team in all of the NBA. The bulls finished at the 4th seed in what was a weak eastern conference and lost to a young inexperienced Washington WIZARDS team in the first round of the playoffs. Just like Lebron,Rose will BENEFIT  from his teams failures the previous season when it comes time to vote.

4.Chris Paul 

Chris Paul with the help of Blake Griffin lead the Clippers to the third seed in the west which is easier said then done. Chris Paul may take a back seat to Blake Griffin in the statistics category but after a first round upset against the Golden State Warriors Chris Paul’s leadership will be more valuable this upcoming season then Blake Griffins scoring.

5.Stephen Curry

Curry or Wall? Wall or Curry? This was a hard decision to make on who to give the last spot on this list too. Both are the best player on their respective teams, Both are offensive weapons that can’t be slowed down easily,Both can get to anywhere on the court with their above average ball handling,Both averaged around 8.5APG, Wall is faster and a better defender but Curry is a way better shooter and makes plays when it counts. I ultimately gave the edge to Curry because the numbers he puts up are in a western conference where you have to go up against point guards such as Parker,Westbrook,Conley,CP3,Dragic and Lawson just to name a few. Also if you take Curry of the Warriors their not a playoff team as apposed to a Wizards team that would make the playoffs in the east with or without John Wall.