By:Kyle Caso

Twitter: @3_pointz


    This Friday the Raptor's will be squaring off against the Brooklyn Nets in a battle to determine who will go up 2-1 in this playoff series. This has been the most action packed playoff series this year, everything from Raptors GM Ujiri's F*** Brooklyn to multiple technical fouls to Drakes lint brush has made this series one to be talked about.

    Game one set the tone for Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. Many were unsure how Deron would fair against one of the top point guards in the east, he would end up with 18 first half points and 24 for the game. Joe Johnson would match Deron with 24 of his own. On the other hand Jonas Valanciunas would have a monster game on the glass finishing with 18 rebounds, 5 of which were on the offensive end. Brooklyn would take game one in Toronto by 7 points. Oh and we can't forget Shaun Livingston holding DeMar DeRozan to 14 points on 3-13 shooting.

    After the game coach Jason Kidd was questioned about the lack of minuets Andrei Kirilenko received and Kidd simply said "I can't play em all." Jason Kidd made sure AK would play in game two.

    Game 2 took place in Toronto and the first 36 minuets were all just a blur compared to the last 12. DeMar DeRozan showed why he was a first time all star this year. He would end up closing the game with 17 4th Quarter points and making the Nets defense look silly. The Nets best defender in Livingston and Kirilenko would try and slow him down but neither worked.

    These next two games are critical for the Nets. If they lose both, there likely done and shouldn't even bother going to play game five. If they lose one, this will likely be a seven game series and game seven is in front of some of the best fans in basketball down in Toronto and you can't forget Drake's lint brush.