By:Kyle Caso


~Last NFL season ended with the Baltimore Ravens winning Super Bowl XLVII. Ray Lewis ended one of the greatest careers in sports as a champion, Joe Flacco earned himself the richest contract in football, and the franchise won their second title. All of this was 60 seconds away from not happening at all. It was the 2013 Divisional Playoff's ,The game went into double overtime. The Game was 35 all and the Ravens had the ball. Joe Flacco lead them down the field and then Matt Tucker hit a field goal and the game was over ending Peyton Manning's and the Bronco's Super Bowl dreams.

    Thursday Night the Broncos took the field after a long weather delay.The game started with a Lavonte Leach touchdown then a Ray Rice touchdown but the Bronco's time would come Peyton's first 4 completed passes were to Wes Welker and then a man who everybody picked up on their fantasy team after the game was over, Julias Thomas. Thomas caught 2 touch downs and then the other Thomas of the team Demaryius went super sane for 161 receiving yards for 5 receptions and caught 2 touchdowns.

    If you haven't heard Peyton actually had 7 total passing touchdowns along with 462 passing yards, but his 7 touchdowns tied the NFL record with Norm Van Brocklin of the Los Angeles Rams. The final score would end up being a 27-49 blowout. So in the end Peyton Unleashed is wrath of revenge and totally dominated the Ravens and made Fantasy owners happy around america including my self.