SuperBowl XLVII By: Kyle Caso @3_pointz


Febuary 3rd, 2nd year sensation Collin Kaepernick will lead the 49ers on to the field in New Orleans to square off against the Baltimore Ravens led by Ray Lewis.


On January 2nd, Ray Lewis announced that this will be his final season. After missing most of the regular season, many thought Ray Lewis couldn't play at even a fraction of his usual level.


But Ray Lewis has amounted 39 total tackles and has led his team to the Super Bowl.


A few weeks before the season ended, Alex Smith suffered an arm injury and Coach Jim Harbaugh decided to go with Colin Kaepernick the rest of the way all the way to the Super Bowl.


Its definitely going to be an interesting Super Bowl with the storylines behind both teams and players. With the Ravens Hall of Fame defense going up against a young quarterback, there might be a chance that Baltimore comes up with some rings -- but it won't be easy considering the 49ers have never lost  in a Super Bowl.