By: Randy Cruz (@cruzr83)

The Boston Red Sox have won their third World Series crown in the last 10 seasons, defeating the St. Louis Cardinals, 6-1 in Game 6 of the 2013 World Series.

The Red Sox become the second team in history to win the World Series after finishing last in their division the season prior (first was the 1991 Minnesota Twins)

It was the Cardinals whom the Red Sox defeated to win their first crown in 86 years back in 2004. Now, it was the Cardinals, again, being at the wrong end of the stick against the Red Sox as Boston clinched their first World Series crown in Boston since 1918. Yeah, that's 95 years ago. 

In 1918, Woodrow Wilson was United States President, Stella Maris was the highest grossing film and Alaska and Hawaii weren't states yet. 

If you're a Red Sox fan, there had to be some doubt coming into this season that this team can be World Series bound after the debacle of a season the team and fans endured with Bobby Valentine at the helm. 

To come back from a bizarre season and turn into not only clinching the postseason, but winning it all, is an amazing feat.

Before winning the World Series, Boston looked to be the best team in baseball. St. Louis is in that conversation, along with the Dodgers and Tigers, but when it came down to it, the Red Sox's pitching and hitting came at the right time.

Their rotation was a force in the postseason, especially in the World Series, as John Lackey and Jon Lester pitched masterful games, including Lackey's Game 6 performance by going 6 2/3 innings and only giving up one run. 

There's no question who's to thank for their hitting during the series -- that belonged to David Ortiz. The man who was there for their previous two World Series crowns in the 2000's (2004 & 2007) was a man possessed in this series, hitting .733 in the series with 11 hits, 5 runs, 6 RBI's and 2 HR's. 

Shane Victorino, another unsung hero and possibly hitting the biggest hit of the night, hit a three-run double against Cardinals rookie starter Michael Wacca, who was un-hittable in the postseason prior to Game 6. 

After the sixth inning, the Fenway Park crowd could almost sense it. They felt the World Series crown in the air and all it took was three more innings to get the job done.

Once the final out was called, Fenway Park just erupted and it was only a matter of time before we saw the players pile up on top of each other celebrating the teams' third World Series crown in the last 10 seasons.

In the last three World Series, this was the toughest road for the Boston Red Sox, as both the 2004 & 2007 World Series ended in sweeps, as the team defeated the St. Louis Cardinals and the Colorado Rockies, with both Game 4's being on the road.

The Boston Red Sox have the most World Series crowns in the 2000's, something that most baseball fans wouldn't have thought of, unless you live in the city of Boston.

This team has changed their culture from last season and management has put their priorities into what is making them successful: pitching. Pitching wins games and wins World Series, and with Lester, Lackey, Bucholz and company on the roster, there's no telling how many more titles this team can win as the years go on.

The Boston Red Sox currently have the successful blueprint in baseball to win it all. The question is will Red Sox Nation have to wait another six seasons for them to win it all again? Or will they build on winning consecutive World Series crowns and become this decade's MLB dynasty?