Help The HITS Radio Show crew determine the greatest sports logo of all in "The Logo Bracket." Some of the greatest sports logos in the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL will go up against each other and its up to you to vote which is THE BEST logo!

Voting continues on with 16 logos remaining...

Gridiron Bracket                                                                    

(1) New England Patriots throwback logo

(5) Indiana Pacers throwback logo


(2) Milwaukee Bucks throwback logo

(3) Denver Broncos throwback logo



The Rink Bracket

(1) Buffalo Sabers logo

(4) Minnesota T'Wolves throwback logo


(2) Milwaukee Brewers throwback logo

(3) Hartford Whalers logo


Field of Dreams Bracket

(1) Chicago White Sox throwback logo

(4) Houston Oilers throwback logo


(2) Chicago Blackhawks logo

(3) S.A. Spurs throwback logo


Hardwood Bracket

(1) Atlanta Hawks throwback logo

(5) L.A. Angels throwback logo


(2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers throwback logo

(3) Toronto Blue Jays throwback logo



Voting dates:

  • Round 1: March 11-15
  • Sweet 16: March 16-20
  • Elite 8: March 21-25
  • Final Four: March 26-30
  • Final: March 31-April 5