The beautiful thing about football, or sports in general, is that it makes you look forward to games in which rivals play one another. But, even better than rivals, we look forward to games in which siblings play one another and unintentionally, become the highlight and the reason why we can’t wait for Sunday afternoon’s game. Similar to what we saw in the Super Bowl, the Harbaugh brothers, both as head coaches, played for the Lombardi trophy. Now it’s time for the Manning brothers to play one another. They won’t be on the field at the same time necessarily but they are both star quarterbacks. This is probably the last time we will see brothers face off on the field. The hottest ticket in town won’t be at Citifield this weekend. The Manning Bowl will be played this Sunday afternoon at the MetLife stadium.

Although Sunday night’s game versus the Cowboys didn’t show it, Eli Manning is the most dangerous man with 2 minutes left on the clock. Whether or not you like to give him credit, Eli is one of the best at his position. From preseason, fans and critics weren’t too satisfied with the Giants’ defense. But from Sunday night, are we to be worried also about their running game? The defense did their job somewhat and didn’t allow a few touchdowns to be scored because of the unnecessary turnovers. After an embarrassing first half, the Giants somewhat fixed up their act after Tom Coughlin was quoted saying, “Worst first half he had ever seen.”

Unlike the Giants, Peyton Manning was the star of Thursday’s home opener and made a mockery of the recent Super Bowl champs, the Baltimore Ravens. Peyton was accurate and broke his record by throwing a record 7 touchdowns. He stunned everyone with this stellar performance and made many fantasy owners happy with the amount of points he gave them in Week 1. Wes Welker also made his debut that night after playing for the Patriots for 5 years. These two will be a similar duo much like Eli and Victor Cruz.

Younger brother Eli Manning has said in interviews that Peyton used to bully him and hang him upside down till he recited all 32 teams in the NFL. Will Peyton’s defense hang Eli upside down and force turnovers similar to Sunday’s game? After he proved himself in preseason play to secure his spot on the roster, David Wilson’s performance wasn’t expected. The Giants also signed running back Brandon Jacobs to a year deal. Will this deal make a difference to their running game?

Both brothers have great records and stats that back up their individual greatness. But personally, post-season success matters more ultimately. Does rings make a quarter back better? Will Eli be Elite in the 4th? Will Peyton come through in the clutch instead? Everyone may have their favorites but Sunday’s upcoming game will be epic. The Giants have a great record at home and it’s their home opener; disappointing fans isn’t in the cards, especially after their performance versus the Cowboys. It will be a close game on Sunday and my prediction is in favor of the hometown favorites, the Giants, 27-21.