Once you figure out the win column from the loss column, you don’t have to be a football expert to know the NFC East is backwards. The standings are terrible and laughable. But then again, the AFC North isn’t any better. Winning isn’t everything. You can just ask that to the teams that compose the NFC East; losing apparently matters more.

On the week the Giants were on a bye week, the entire NFC East decided to win. That week is well over and done and it has been almost 2 weeks since then. Based on last Sunday’s game versus the Raiders, it looked like Big Blue was going to lose this one. Thankfully they didn’t and thus making the NFC East even more interesting.

If the football Gods have any intention on the Giants somehow making it to the playoffs, the time is now. JPP needs to get back into his football grove but unfortunately, this probably won’t happen because chances are, JPP will sit out on Sunday’s game. Last Sunday versus the Raiders, he suffered a shoulder injury. The only thing that works in the favor of the Giants is that the Cowboys are on a bye week. In light of this, the Giants could virtually be closer to first place.

The Cowboys may be on a bye week but when they come back, the Giants face them. The next 2 games are extremely crucial for Big Blue. Usually November isn’t a good month for the Giants but so far, it’s been decent. If the Giants offense doesn’t turn it around before the game, they’ll be praying for a miracle just to finish out the month of November in good standing.

Don’t rule the Packers completely out yet. Matt Flynn is set to most likely start Sunday’s game. It’ll be a good game as well just to see how this quarter back handles the Giants.

The Giants play the Packers this weekend at the Meadowlands. The Cowboys are on a bye week this week. The Eagles and Redskins play each other on Sunday. Who will win out of these games is unclear. What we do know is that there will be another tie in losses or wins.