Instead of telling you the greatness of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning through numbers, I’m going to do something completely unconventional and compare them based on zodiac signs. Very innovative and creative, I know. Peyton is an Aries. He is the first sign which makes him a natural born leader, hence why he’s the quarterback. Tom Brady is a Leo. He is a lion, head of the herd, also know as a leader. This also makes sense why he’s the quarterback for the Patriots. Both signs are perfectionists and these two players are the epitome of it.

Tomorrow’s game will be a classic game to watch.

Will Sunday’s game add more fuel in terms of which quarterback is more elite than the other? Absolutely. This argument is going to be inevitable and talked about for a few seasons to come. Sure Tom Brady may have three Super Bowl wins on his impressive resume but he didn’t win these games alone.

The amount of pressure on Peyton Manning to win on Sunday is immense at this point. I’m almost positive he’s avoiding TVs only to not hear the comparisons that have been going on all week between Brady and him. But Brady is the one who missed practice, not Peyton.

All week sports media has been throwing certain statistics at audiences everywhere and some of those, are plain dumb. But because we all love to hear stats, even the ridiculous ones, there are a few worth noting like their pass yards per game when they’ve faced each other. Brady has 243 versus Peyton’s 283 yards. Brady’s record versus Manning is 10-4. There’s also been a picture going around online based on their pro bowlers and the argument surrounding this is “who has done what with more or less talent?” 

But ultimately, this game is going to be about a team effort from both sides. Their offensive lines and defensive are amongst one of the best in the league. Tomorrow’s game may be about a running game and if so, the Broncos are in for trouble. For example, we see that with Legarrette Blount or Shane Vereen, although Vereen is listed as probable at this point for tomorrow.

The Broncos and the Patriots met in early November and at that time, many people were already calling it a preview to the AFC championship. That game ended with the Patriots beating the Broncos 34-31, in overtime. With that being a regular season game, there was so much backlash on Peyton. If Peyton doesn’t win tomorrow, his reputation will suffer.

Yesterday afternoon on SportsCenter, ex Patriot player and 3-time Super Bowl champion Tedy Bruschi said something that was key for tomorrow’s AFC championship. The question was, “Which game hurts to lose the most: The AFC championship or the Super Bowl?” His answer was a surprise but once explained, it makes sense. Bruschi said that it’s tougher to lose the AFC championship than the Super Bowl because you go all that way just to go back home after you knew you had a good chance to win. This is definitely arguable from my angles but I agree with him. Brady needs to redeem himself from recent years but, on a whole; Peyton needs to do the same.

Win or lose, both quarterbacks are elite although one stands out slightly more and that is Tom Brady. However, my pick for tomorrow afternoon will differ from Brady’s greatness. This game will be a high scoring game from the very first quarter. Who’s going to win? I have the Broncos over the Patriots, 29-28.