The unthinkable has happened this season; the Giants have somewhat of a winning record. Yesterday’s win is still nothing to celebrate about considering how late in the season it is to try to get a rally going. Sunday’s game versus the Raiders was a must win for them. If they didn’t win, they would’ve kissed away any chances at “taking” the NFC East good-bye.

It was a turnover game in essence because both quarterbacks, Eli Manning and Terrelle Pryor, were sacked a few times and made mistakes. Within the first seconds of the game, Damontre Moore blocked the punt attempt leading to Cooper Taylor to score the touchdown. Most of Giants Nation must’ve changed the channel when they saw this. But many of us stayed to watch because we needed to see change and thus a victory.

The best move the Giants made was to activate Andre Brown again. After suffering a fracture on his leg, it seems that Brown came back in full swing and showed no sign of stopping yesterday. He was literally everywhere and made many plays. Andre Brown ran for 115 yards, carried 30 times, and also scored a 1-yard run after an interception was made on Pryor. This fracture caused him to miss the first 8 games of the season. Based on yesterday’s game, he was truly missed on the field.

The Giants were victorious over the Raiders yesterday by a score of 24-20. Now it’s time to look towards next Sunday’s game versus the Green Bay Packers. The Packers aren’t the same without Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers suffered a collarbone injury and his return to the NFL right now is unknown. What we do know is that Matt Flynn is practicing with the Packers and most likely will sign with them. Matt Flynn isn’t new to the team either.

What’s in store for the Giants this Sunday when they face the Packers? Stay tuned because once again, nothing can be predicted when it comes to the 2013 Giants. If all goes well next week, that game will be worth celebrating.